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Geo-fencing is the new trend in the mobile community, location based advertising is getting popular day by day. And I bet your marketing team is also asking you to implement those solutions to your app, but how?

I *actually* build this app in 1 day, so it is quick and dirty.

You can find the app on my Github Profile.

This is what the app look like in a simple screenshots.

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Hi folks,

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to send Remote Push Notifications using Firebase. In the next sections I’ll assume that you have basic knowledge of what React-Native and Firebase is.
For those who are new to those two, I’d strongly suggest you to get familiar with those before going deep.

Getting Started With Firebase

First of all, go to and create a new project. I called mine PushNotifications!

Ugur Köysüren

Software Engineer

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